Pilates for running related knee pain

If you love the physical and mental benefits of running but are troubled by niggling knee pain, Clinical Pilates could be the answer for you…

Knee pain can result from the repetitive motion of running in individuals suffering from muscle imbalance and sub-optimal control of their stabilising muscles.

Poor knee alignment can often be driven by inadequate lumbo-pelvic stability (poor gluteal and abdominal control).

Simple stretching isn’t always the answer for releasing tight muscles - for certain body types it can actually contribute to further muscle tightening.

Clinical Pilates is an excellent movement retraining technique and is a very effective method of activating the unsung heroes - stabilising muscles.

Clinical Pilates can be more beneficial than group reformer or mat classes, as the physiotherapist will tailor exercises to target your individual needs and monitor your progress. The one-on-one and maximum two-on-one ratio enables the therapist to continually correct and perfect your technique.

The focus is on retraining movement patterns for long-term management of knee pain and will assist in improved running efficiency.

Relief from knee pain and a more efficient muscle system is surely a sound investment!